The Labradoodle Breeders below are just a few of those who have breeding dogs or future breeding Labradoodle prospects from Spring Creek in their programs.  We greatly appreciate the wonderful breeders we’ve had the privilege of working with and look forward to seeing the continuation of our lines in their programs!

This list was last updated in 2015.  We have since sent puppies to many other breeders across the U.S., and the world.  This is just a few of those who have entrusted us to help them add quality breeding dogs to their programs.  The time it takes to ensure that we are selecting the best to be sent out as representatives of our program is great, and we are careful in taking that time.  We want the breeders we work with to be thrilled with the pups they receive from us.


Australian Labradoodles Midwest Connection


Australian Labradoodle USA


Barksdale Labradoodles


Alder Creek Labradoodles


BeauMonde Labradoodles


Daisy Hill Labradoodles


Kingdom Labradoodles


Manor Lake Labradoodles &
Aladdin Labradoodles


Mountain View Labradoodles


Sutter Buttes Labradoodles


Southern Charm Labradoodles


Serenity Springs Labradoodles


Ocean State Labradoodles


Shed Less In Seattle


Sierra Vista Labradoodles


Louisiana Labradoodles


Austin Labradoodles


Lewis Manor Labradoodles


Archview Labradoodles


Hook Labradoodles


Hale’s Labradoodles


Prairie Doodles


Bedrock Labradoodles


Northstar Labradoodles


Springville Labradoodles


Legendary Labradoodles


Brasken Labradoodles


Connecticut Labradoodles


Ridgeline Labradoodles


Signature Labradoodles


Tarheel Labradoodles


Evergreen Manor Labradoodles