Our Australian Labradoodle breeding program is designed around the use of guardian homes for our puppies.  It’s the only way we’ve done things since 2001!

The guardian program is designed to benefit everyone involved, the puppy, the guardian home, and us as an Australian Labradoodle breeder. We are so thankful for our guardian homes and are always in need of others that are interested, so that we can continue the successful way our breeding program works without ever needing to kennel raise a dog.  Labradoodles are social animals who adore their families, who want to be with them, and want to be involved in the daily happenings of the family.  They deserve a loving family and home after leaving the care of our family.  We have poured our hearts into our babies.   Will you be the next loving home for one of our precious puppies?  

We choose our future breeding dogs very carefully, and only those with qualities that we want to see continue are kept as our “pick of the litter” for breeding.  Our guardian homes receive the best we have to offer when we place a potential future breeding dog with them.  Not only are they receiving what we consider to be worthy of continuing a line, but we also completely health test the dogs, at our expense, when they are at the appropriate age.  By the time one of our puppies is raised and tested to the strict standards we hold, we have invested a great deal into ensuring they are healthy and genetically sound.  

Our puppies are sent to families across the world, bringing joy and happiness to their lives.  Being a guardian family gives you the chance to be a part of that.  To be considered as a guardian home for a male puppy, we require that you live within 30 minutes of our home.  To be considered as a guardian home for a female puppy, we require that you live within 60 minutes of our home.  Families up to 2 hours away will be considered on a case by case basis, but only if their work schedules would not make it challenging for them to meet the transportation requirements of the program.

We typically place our puppies with guardian homes when the puppy is between 8 – 10 weeks of age.

In order to be considered as a guardian family, you must be able to meet these minimum requirements and provide the following for the dog:

  • Physical fenced yard.  No underground electronic fencing.
  • Feed Taste of the Wild dog food, or another food that we approve that is suitable for the nutritional needs of a breeding dog. Only all natural, human grade, no by-product, no wheat or corn products for our babies.
  • Training. Families must complete Levels 1, 2 and 3 training classes by the time puppy is 8 months of age, and provide proof of training to us.  These are basic level classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands necessary for a well behaved dog, not just for one of our future breeding dogs.  The time you put in with training will be well appreciated by anyone who comes in contact with your dog.  For families who test for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the dog successfully passes, we will pay them $500.00 for a job well done with one of our babies!
  • Vaccinations per our vaccine protocol.
  • Professional grooming every 6 -8 weeks adhering to the approved cut and look.
  • Monthly photos.  We need to see how our dogs are maturing in between the visits they make to our home, plus we just simply want to see them!  Photos take with a phone are fine.  We do not need high quality pictures.  : )
  • A work schedule that does not leave puppy home alone more than 4 hours a day.  If one or both adults in the household work full time, then professional daycare must be provided so that puppy receives necessary socialization and proper energy outlet opportunities.
  • Maintain health insurance through Trupanion.  We provide 30 days free coverage when we send puppy home with a family.  We recommend health insurance to all our puppy families, not just our guardian families.  Protect your baby and never worry about whether or not you can afford a horrible accident or injury vet bill.
  • Transporting the puppy/dog to us when needed for health testing and breeding.

Now for the question everyone asks.  What will being a guardian home cost us?  We require that a deposit of $750.00 be paid at the time a puppy is placed with you.  This is a fraction of the pet fee you’d pay if purchasing a puppy, which is $3,000.00.  Remember though, these aren’t pet puppies.  They are the pick of the litter breeding puppies.  You are receiving the best of the best in exchange for participating in the guardian program.  Once the dog is done being part of the guardian program, we sign over registration papers and ownership.  

The above requirements are simple and look out for the well being of each of our dogs.  They are likely not much more than you’d be doing for your own puppy, if you purchased one outright.  If you feel you can meet the above requirements, please email us through our contact page for our full packet of info about the program.

The following Australian Labradoodle puppies and dogs are/will be available for guardian homes. If you are interested, please let us know and we can get to know each other and see if the program is one that interests you.

Cayenne x Dapper Dan GirlAustralian Labradoodle Puppy

This little girl is so incredibly sweet and absolutely gorgeous!  Will end up around 17″ at the shoulder
when fully grown and around 30 lbs or so.  Amazing fleece coat, sweet and confident personality.
Looking for the perfect home in the Eugene, OR, area, or within 2 hours of Eugene.



Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Love this little girl!  Not only is she an adorable tri-color (black, white, brown), but she has the
sweetest and most loving personality.  She is an all around fabulous little girl and will mature
around 16″ and 25 lbs or so when fully grown.
Amazing fleece coat, sweet and confident personality.
Looking for the perfect home in the Eugene, OR, area, or within 2 hours of Eugene