Labradoodle Pictures

On our labradoodle photo gallery you will find a sampling of Labradoodle pictures of dogs that were bred by us at SPRING CREEK, or have been part of our breeding program. These dogs are representative of what we produce. We have provided puppy pictures as well as pictures of fully mature Australian Labradoodle dogs so you can see the type of coat development that is typical. Remember that the look of the coat is very dependent on how the coat is kept clipped. Some families like the longer coats, others like a nicely trimmed coat.  The reality is that the coat types we breed are all almost the same, so the look at maturity is primarily dependent on the groomer and the cut the family chooses for the dog to be kept in.

Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle dogs and puppies

These are dogs that are several generations into labradoodle to labradoodle breeding, and/or dogs that originate from Australian lines that have typically been dubbed “multi-gen”.  This is the primary focus of our breeding program, however, we will have earlier generation litters occasionally. 

Minimally wavy fleece coats. 

These start out looking almost “flat”, but as they mature they grow into a gorgeous wavy coat with varying degrees of wave.  This is our personal focus in our program as we love this coat type!