This video on our YouTube channel visually walks you through all the things you need to prepare for your new puppy.  HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR NEW PUPPY

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Labradoodle Puppy & Dog Training

Jan Fennell – The Dog Listener Incredible trainer with a philosophy on dog behavior, people behavior, and training that can’t be beat! 

Patricia McConnell Another favorite dog behaviorist with a resource booklet, book, or video for almost every training topic or dog issue!

Oregon Dog Sports – Recommended dog training in Eugene, OR



A quick cheat sheet of information on all the basic care for your puppy.
Click here: Puppy Care At A Glance


Fleas are a nasty pest that can make your life and your dog’s life miserable!  What should you be aware of regarding chemical products and treating your dog?  What is safe?  What natural preventatives and treatment can you use?  Read our flea information document for answers to how to keep your dog flea free in a healthy way. FleasAndFleaTreatment



Fabulous strollers made by Dutch Dog for those who want to run/jog with their puppy, but puppy isn’t old enough to go for those long runs with you.  This is the best stroller we’ve ever found!  It rolls effortlessly even on gravel, lumpy grass, anywhere!  The Doggy Ride Mini stroller is the version we have, but there are larger options made by Dutch Dog as well that allow you to take your aging and elderly dog, or injured dog, with you on walks and runs.


Pet Products, Training, Veterinary & Dog Breed Info For your Labradoodle Puppy

Pet Edge  Fantastic prices on dog and cat products!

Lupine Collars & Leads  Lupine collars and leads are the best available with the only lifetime warranty available! They have an online search feature to find a dealer near you! 

Boomerang Tags  Wonderful collar tags. Safe and durable. No sales tax, no shipping charges! Buy the tags that slip on to the collar for the safety of your pet. 

WHOLE DOG JOURNAL  Provides an annual review of high quality dog foods. Great site to visit and newsletters are fantastic! 

Vet Info – A Veterinary Information Service A great source of veterinary information.

Partners in Animal Health – This is Cornell Universities website for health care for pet owners. 

Pets & Parasites – Fabulous resource for all the info you need on any parasite your dog may have and what to do.

Clicker Training  Positive method of training. 

Trupanion Pet Care Insurance 


Health Related Articles and Links For your Labradoodle Puppy

Canine Hip Dysplasia Link to an eight part article about Hip Dysplasia. Very informative. 

Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Resources Very comprehensive site with tons of articles. 

Early Desexing An article on, written by Kate Schoeffel BSc(Hons), BVSc

Poisonous Plants and Effects on Dogs Common household and garden plants that can be poisonous.

Health Links health links page. Filled with TONS of links to good information. 

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals 



Forums & Informative sites about Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

Discovering Labradoodles  The Definitive Guide to Labradoodles, an e-book written by Edie Mackenzie

Doodle Discussion Forum Public forum hosted privately, no connection to any breeder. Discussions involve both Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. 

The Doodle Zoo  Public forum, no connection to any breeder. 

Goldendoodle Web Site Great site with tons of pages on Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Lots of pictures, and lists of breeders.