Recommended Basic Starting Package

These items are the products we recommend for families to purchase when preparing to bring a puppy home.  Every one of the items below this section are recommended as part of a basic starting point for caring for your puppy.  They are quality products that we personally use with our own dogs after years of trying many other similar items made by other companies.  The Lupine leash and collar are backed by a lifetime warranty – even if your puppy or dog chews it in half!  Just send the destroyed product to Lupine, and they will immediately send you another for free.  Well worth using their product!  We will continue to add to our store as we have other products we believe in and want to recommend to our families.




Recommended Reading

The first two books are the ones we recommend that every family read before adopting a puppy, or if you already have a dog and are having some issues they are invaluable as well.  The remainder of the books deal with specific training or behaviors and are excellent resources as you work on raising and training your puppy.  For basic home health care and first aid, we have recommended several books that are on our own bookshelf for frequent use.



Grooming Products and Tools for Labradoodles

These items below are highly recommended to have on hand for use to groom your Labradoodle.  Even if you choose to use the services of a professional groomer, you will need to regularly brush your dog’s coat, clean their ears, and clip their nails.  At minimum, please have the following in your grooming kit – quality slicker brush, nail clippers, styptic powder (in case you clip the nails too short and they bleed), ear cleaner, dematting tool.



Nutrition, Supplements, Natural Care

These are links to the food, supplements, training treats, and natural health care products we recommend.  Diatomaceous earth is an excellent natural product to use for prevention of fleas in your yard, dog bedding, and areas where your dog spends time.  The first dog food recommended here, Taste of the Wild Salmon, is an all life stage dog food appropriate for puppies and adults.  It is the food we wean our puppies onto before they leave us.  If you prefer feeding a different protein source, Taste of the Wild has several options and we’ve included those as well.  With Amazon Prime you can order directly to your door and spend less than purchasing locally!  Freeze dried liver treats are a fabulous, natural treat and the container goes a LONG way!  Rescue Remedy is a wonderful, natural product for use with carsick dogs.  Safeguard and Nemex are the two basic wormers you will want to have on hand.



General Care Products

Love these products!  Karunda beds can’t be beat and are chew proof!  Doggie Ride has the BEST puppy strollers and bike trailers.  Richell dog gate and other products are outstanding in quality and look great in the home!  Waste elimination couldn’t be easier than using a doggie dooley system with either lime, or the waste eliminator product.