Labradoodles!  I fell in love with Labradoodles in 2000.  Shortly after I knew there was nothing more I desired than to work with these incredible dogs.  My Australian Labradoodle breeding program began in 2001.  I have never looked back.   I began one of the first breeding programs in the U.S., long before the majority of the population had ever even heard the word “Labradoodle”.   I’ve bred both Australian Labradoodles and developed American lines to contribute genetic diversity to the Australian lines. 

I love breeding these incredible dogs and am proud to be an Australian Labradoodle Breeder of therapy dogs, service dogs, and fantastic pets.  My experience and passion for working with rescue dogs and in wild animal rescue prior to breeding, was an incredible asset to my journey in the world of breeding Australian Labradoodles.  A lifelong love of animals and desire to be a veterinarian has ended up somewhere completely different than I imagined it would, and it’s the most wonderful surprise and journey of a lifetime!

I am so privileged to do what I love, and to love what I do!

The breeding focus I have with my Labradoodles is temperament, health, coat type, and conformation, and I strive to do everything with the highest integrity. My main goal is to produce puppies suitable for a variety of therapy and service dog situations, which make for outstanding family pets as well!  I work closely with other premium breeders of integrity who are committed to pursuing excellence.  I am also involved with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. The foundation lines at Spring Creek Labradoodles include Rutland Manor, Tegan Park lines, and American lines carefully developed within my program.




Australian Labradoodle Breeder


I am blessed to be doing what I love, and doing it with people I love.  I may be the one who began Spring

Creek, but the heart of our success is due to the entire family being involved in the raising and socialization of our

labradoodle puppies.  There is nothing more critical than the proper handling of puppies.

They are whelped and raised in the master bedroom and then later moved to our family room.

They receive undivided love and attention from our large family.  Round the clock care is

given to both mother and pups during the first critical weeks of life.  With nine children in our combined family,

our puppies get endless socialization, and as much love you would for your newest family member.




Australian Labradoodle Breeder

Meet Jordan. …..This lovely lady is at the heart of every day at Spring Creek!  She makes such a difference in

every aspect of what we do!  She is my invaluable assistant.  She is my beautiful daughter.  She has

been at my side since the beginning of Spring Creek in 2001 and has devoted herself to Spring Creek

and the dogs along with me.  Jordan is involved in the daily care, socialization, vet appointments, breedings,

whelping puppies, and sometimes meeting with families.  On top of being at the center of Spring Creek, Jordan

is also a published author of adult dark fantasy & science fiction.  Check her out at


You can be assured that great care and attention is given to all aspects of breeding. We are devoted to advancing and preserving the characteristics of the developing Australian Labradoodle. We are wholeheartedly committed to pursuing genetic soundness, and just as committed to standing by our health warranty for each puppy we sell. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your new family member, with complete peace of mind about your decision to welcome one of our precious Labradoodles into your home.

HEALTHY PARENTS & HEALTHY PUPPIES – Screen out common genetic disease & provide exceptional veterinary care.

TEMPERAMENT & SOCIALIZATION – Only labradoodle parent dogs with sweet, sensitive, friendly & intelligent temperaments will be bred. Puppies are exposed to a variety of handling and situations to support this temperament at each developmental stage.

ADHERENCE TO BREED STANDARD – Our history working with labradoodles is one of the longest in the U.S. and our pursuit of the desired traits and standards as well as our time spent working with labradoodles is reflected in the superior puppies we produce. Silky, non-shedding fleece coats, blocky heads, thick boning, and physical traits that reflect more of the lab features than poodle features.

ALLERGY FRIENDLY – The vast majority of our labradoodle puppies are allergy friendly even for those with severe asthma or allergy issues. Our labradoodle coats are also not only non-shed and allergy friendly, but easier care than many of the super dense and thick, curly coats being produced by many breeding programs.

COMMITMENT TO YOU – We are committed to each and every one of our families. We hope our site and program focus and goals will help you feel confident in our experience. Read our testimonials, seek out unbiased feedback about us online. We do our best to develop and maintain positive relationships with every family we work with.



Everything we do at Spring Creek Labradoodles directly affects the quality, health and future of the dogs in our program, as well as the developing breed. Because of this, we feel a responsibility to research and understand genetics, common breed problems and the particular line we plan to perpetuate.

When we breed, it is with the intentions of contributing to the improvement of the developing Australian Labradoodle breed, and only when we are in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter and capable of finding suitable homes for the puppies. The following is the code of ethics we operate by:

We will only breed with stock that is in good health and which is physically and temperamentally sound. Both parents will have at minimum:

~ Appropriate hip clearances by PennHip method , OFA, or Wallace independent review

~ OFA Elbows

~ Eye exam by an opthomologist certified by CERF

~ PRA testing or cleared via parentage

~ vWD clearance

~ Exercise Induced Collapse

~ Improper Coat

~ Degenerative Myelopathy

Most of our breeding Labradoodles will also have additional health tests completed, such as:

~ Thyroid testing and CBC

~ Cardiac

~ Patellas

Our commitment to you lasts as long as you own one of our Labradoodles.  We will always be available to our families to answer questions and we love to receive updates and pictures through the years!



I am proud to be an accredited member of the following premium Labradoodle organization and am proud to be a silver paw breeder for excellence in health testing with the ALAA. I served on the ALAA board of directors between 2008 and 2012.  


July 18, 2005 Issue
Labradoodle article featured on pg 87 with Spring Creek Labradoodles