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The Australian Labradoodle dogs listed here are current and/or upcoming Australian Labradoodle breeders.  Our Labradoodle boys are health tested to stringent standards and only selected as our breeders after meeting certain guidelines for temperament, health, coat type, and conformation.  We strive to breed only the silky fleece, non-shedding, allergy friendly coat.  The difference in what we produce, and the consistency in what we produce, is evident when you look at the vast majority of Labradoodle websites on the internet.  We are proud of what we have developed and we are confident in our ability to provide our families a top quality, wonderful Labradoodle with a fabulous temperament and the looks that draw attention wherever you go with one of our dogs!

Red Australian Labradoodle
Spring Creek’s Dapper Dan

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Red 

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 34 lbs

Health: PennHIP, OFA, Wallace hips/elbows, CERF, PRA,  IC normal, EIC normal, DM normal, CM normal

Sire: Springville Prince Charming

Dam: Ridgeline Luxurious Secrets Capri Riviera

Oh, Dapper Dan!!!!  We love and adore this boy so much!  Not only is he STUNNING, but he has the sweetest and most loving temperament.  This boy is a dream boy in so many ways.  Dapper has the incredible, silky fleece coat that is as perfect as they come!   He has been producing outstanding puppies for us and passes along his thicker boning, great coat, and wonderful temperament.

Australian Labradoodle BreederLabradoodles By Design’s Swagger

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Red & White Parti

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 39 lbs

Health: OFA, Wallace hips/elbows, CERF, PRA,  EIC normal, DM carrier, vWD normal

Sire: Goldenbelle’s Rubin

Dam: Labradoodles By Design’s Buttons

Swagger is one of those dogs that you fall in love with the minute you see him.  He’s not only stunning with an amazing coat and color pattern, but he has the sweetest and most loving and goofy personality ever.   He adores everyone and any attention they will give him, and yet is content to just be close and hang out.  Fabulous combination of qualities that we are thrilled to bring into our program!   Lives in Guardian Home in Eugene, OR.

Australian Labradoodle @ Spring Creek LabradoodlesSpring Creek’s Mambo In The Moonlight

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Apricot w/Irish Spotting, carries for chocolate

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 38lbs

Health: OFA hips, PennHIP .23   .36, Elbows, CERF, PRA clear, vWD, IC normal, EIC normal, DM normal, CM normal

Sire: Spring Creek’s Tango Under the Stars

Dam: Evergreen Legendary Treasure

This boy has everything we want in a stud!  Temperament!  Boning!  Coat! Out of this world hip testing!  You name it, he has it!  He is another boy that comes so incredibly close to perfection with all the qualities we want to see in our dogs.   Mambo lives in a guardian home in Eugene, OR.


Australian Labradoodle Stud @ Spring Creek Labradoodles

 Springville’s Prince

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Red (does not carry brown)

Coat: Fleece

Size: 17″ and 28 lbs

Health: OFA Excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, CERF, PRA clear, vWD clear, CM normal, DM normal, EIC normal, IC normal/clear, 

Sire: Cream Puff’s Ace of Hearts

Dam: Springville Charmer

So excited about the addition of Prince to our breeding program!  He is an ultra sweet boy with such a gentle and loving personality!  Gorgeous coat and fabulous health testing!  This amazing boy lives with his guardian family in Eugene, OR.

Australian Labradoodle Breeder Tango Wool Sir Winston

F1B Labradoodle

Color: Black (BbEe – carries cream/apricot and chocolate)

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 34 lbs

Health: OFA Excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, CERF 

Sire: Glintondale’s New Horizon

Dam: Tango Wool Cedella at Oasis

Winston is an amazing boy with a gorgeous coat and fabulous boning.  He is bringing some exciting new things to Spring Creek and is an all new line for us to work with.  His first couple of litters for us have produced exactly what we hope to see in our puppies.  Lives with his guardian family in Springfield, OR.


Spring Creek’s Risk It All


Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Cream, carries for chocolate

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 36 lbs

Health: OFA hips, Elbows, PennHIP, CERF, vWD, IC normal, EIC normal, PRA, vWD, DM normal

Sire: Ocean States Charm’d By Chance

Dam: Spring Creek’s Dancing In Lace

Chance is a goofy boy and has such a silly personality.  We adore this boy and his love for life!  Fabulous fleece coat, super thick boning and a sweet, loving, gentle personality.  Chance has the whole package his babies are pretty amazing!


 Spring Creek’s Flaming Arrow


Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Dark Apricot

Coat: Fleece

Size: 17″ and 28lbs

Health: OFA hips, Elbows, CERF, vWD, IC normal, EIC normal

Sire: Springville Thor

Dam: Spring Creek’s Dance Me A Memory

Our sweet little arrow is such a love and finds joy in everything he does.  He adores every person he meets and has a super happy go lucky personality.  We love his super silky fleece coat and fabulous coloring!   Arrow lives in a guardian home in Eugene, OR.




Australian Labradoodle @ Spring Creek LabradoodlesSpring Creek’s Bravo! Bravo!

ALAA-029912 – Retired, frozen semen only available
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Apricot with black nose, carries for chocolate, Bbee

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 36 lbs

Health: OFA Excellent Hips, OFA Elbows, CERF, PRA, vWD, IC normal, EIC normal, DM normal, CM normal

Sire: Ocean State’s Charm’d By Chance

Dam: Spring Creek’s Dancing For Joy

Bravo has a huge name to live up to! Named for his exceptional qualities both physically and with temperament, he sports the name of Bravo. His guardian family calls this boy Macduff after the Shakespeare character in Macbeth. He has been giving us some of the most amazing babies with fabulous coats and temperaments.  Bravo hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love, and there hasn’t been a person that has met him that doesn’t immediately fall in love.

Australian Labradoodle @ Spring Creek LabradoodlesMemory Lake I’m Your Mr. Right
ALAA-026679 – Retired, frozen semen only available
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Caramel

Coat: Fleece

Size: 18″ and 32 lbs

Health: OFA Good Hips, Elbows normal, PRA clear, vWD clear, CERF, IC clear, EIC normal, DM normal

Sire: Black Canyon’s Trophy Troy

Dam: Memory Lake Zena

Such a Lover Boy!~ This guy is truly wonderful! He has a fabulous light caramel, fleece coat. Outstanding in every way. He is a very gentle soul with a super sweet personality! Mister has brought some wonderful qualities to our program.

Australian Labradoodle @ Spring Creek LabradoodlesOcean States Charm’d By Chance
ALAA-021114 – Retired, frozen semen only available
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Color: Cream, double recessive rose nose

Coat: Fleece

Size: 17″ and 28 lbs

Health: OFA Hips, Elbows, Dr. Wallace hips/elbows, CERF, PRA clear, vWD clear, IC normal, EIC normal

Sire: Sunsethills Charm’d I’m Sure

Dam: Ocean States Vanilla Bean

Vegas is a fun loving and silly, super sweet little boy. He enjoys life and has a blast running around giving us reasons to smile at his goofy antics. This guy loves to snuggle, and loves to play. A perfect combination in a dog. His coat is absolutely amazing and silky. Very excited about his upcoming involvement in our program! He will begin siring litters in summer/fall 2011. Lives in Guardian Home in Roseburg, OR.



Australian Labradoodle Stud Service Information

Spring Creek offers stud service to approved bitches through AI (artificial insemination) or natural breeding methods. Due to space limitations within our home, we do prefer AI, but natural breedings are offered as well. For AI service, we work with ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank) in Portland, Oregon. We collect and ship chilled semen for your use. Semen quality is checked before shipment and arrives directly at your vet’s clinic within 24 hours. 

If you are interested in hiring one of our studs, please review the requirements below and contact us for more information regarding the fee for each stud. Stud fee for all Australian Labradoodles is $3,000.00

Our requirements of labradoodle bitch owner: 

1. A three to five generation copy of your pedigree for your bitch. 

2. A photocopy of all your bitch’s health clearances. Hips and eyes at minimum must be cleared via PennHIP or OFA, and CERF or PRA testing. 

3. Brucellosis clear statement from a veterinarian for bitches breeding naturally. AI breedings do not require Brucellosis tests.

4. Bitch owner is responsible for all transportation costs for the bitch to stud owner should natural breeding be required. 

5. Bitch owner pays all veterinary costs, including AI fees if artificial insemination is the method utilized. 

6. Bitch owner agrees to have all puppies born in litter spayed/neutered before releasing to families, unless they are being retained or sold as potential breeding dogs. We require a letter from your veterinarian stating they are willing to desex all puppies before they leave you to go to their new homes. By signing our contract you are in agreement with the early spay/neuter practice. 

7. For a copy of our complete stud service contract, please email us. 

We will provide you with: 

1. Photocopies of our stud’s health clearances & current brucellosis clearance.

2. A three to five generation pedigree. 

3. Stud contract.