Australian Labradoodle Stud Service Information


Spring Creek offers stud service to approved bitches through AI (artificial insemination) or natural breeding methods. We have sent fresh chilled and frozen semen to breeders all over the world and provided natural breeding services to those who can visit us in person.  Due to space limitations within our home, we do prefer AI, but natural breedings are offered as well. For AI service, we work with ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank) in Portland, Oregon. We collect and ship chilled semen for your use. Semen quality is checked before shipment and arrives directly at your vet’s clinic within 24 hours. 

If you are interested in hiring one of our studs, please review the requirements below and contact us for more information regarding the fee for each stud. Stud fee for all Australian Labradoodles is $3,000.00

Our requirements of labradoodle bitch owner: 

1. A three to five generation copy of your pedigree for your bitch. 

2. A photocopy of all your bitch’s health clearances. Hips and eyes at minimum must be cleared via PennHIP or OFA, and CERF or PRA testing. 

3. Brucellosis clear statement from a veterinarian for bitches breeding naturally. AI breedings do not require Brucellosis tests.

4. Bitch owner is responsible for all transportation costs for the bitch to stud owner should natural breeding be required. 

5. Bitch owner pays all veterinary costs, including AI fees if artificial insemination is the method utilized. 

6. Bitch owner agrees to have all puppies born in litter spayed/neutered before releasing to families, unless they are being retained or sold as potential breeding dogs. We require a letter from your veterinarian stating they are willing to desex all puppies before they leave you to go to their new homes. By signing our contract you are in agreement with the early spay/neuter practice. 

7. For a copy of our complete stud service contract, please email us. 


We will provide you with: 

1. Photocopies of our stud’s health clearances & current brucellosis clearance.

2. A three to five generation pedigree. 

3. Stud contract.

Labradoodle Stud Service